The Hollywood Transformation (12 week program)


The Hollywood Transformation is a staple of Wellness League. Coach Nate’s obsession with Hollywood superhero transformations led him to develop this 12-week program. As a former Chef, Nate hopes to one day bring a Hollywood star to Wichita to train them and cook all of their meals in preparation for their latest film. But YOU don’t have to be a Hollywood star to participate in this epic program. With the Hollywood Transformation, Wellness League’s sculpting specialists turn you into a real life superhero. This program is not for the weak! It is very challenging, but life changing! If selected, you will train 4-5 days each week with your Wellness League coach in the comfort of our private studio. You will also be required to follow their detailed nutritional guidelines and recommendations. This option is the obvious next step for those who have completed 1 to 2 rounds of the 8-week Mini Transformation, and are now ready to finish the job!

The Mini Transformation (8 week programs)


The mini Transformation is an 8-week introduction to health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness! This option is a fun way for you and your group (yes that’s right, you choose your own group) to learn how to eat right, track your progress, and begin your healthier lifestyle journey with the help of our lifestyle specialist. We use a private Facebook page and private Messenger chat groups to provide you with daily accountability, as well as motivational and informational content: including recipes, exercise demonstrations, workouts, and access to your own Motivational coach Amie Jones! You will also get 2 individual group workouts at Wellness League each week. This is the perfect option for a small group of women wanting to begin their fitness journey, but are not yet ready to commit to the full blown 12-week Hollywood Transformation.