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Hero inception ceremony
(i.e. a beginning Screening)

Hero inception

At Wellness League, we want to ensure you are poised for success, no matter which one of our epic training options you decide to pursue. That's why one of our certified coaches will conduct an initial evaluation of your metabolism and physical condition as the first step along your inception into our league of heroes! The total metabolic assessment option includes a detailed health/risk analysis, movement screen, detailed body composition assessment (lean mass, fat mass, recommended and goal weights) and a customized macro calculation/explanation. 


Coach Nate will review all assessments and add personalized recommendations to help you achieve a more functional, and higher quality, life! He will assign you a real life superhero attribute rating that will be reevaluated and changed over time. Once you reach your SUPERHERO GOAL or achieve the highest level of attributes you will be idolized as a superhero on our Wall of Champions!

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