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Nathan Engels | MA, CMES

Nate is the founder of Wellness League. He holds a bachelor's degree in Human Performance Studies and a master's degree in Aging Studies from Wichita State. He is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Certified Health Coach from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) accreditation. 

As a Gerontologist and Exercise Scientist, Nate believes in and "prescribes" the healing power of movement. Physical activity can reduce the degree to which natural senescence influences muscular and bone degradation as we age. Exercise can also improve one’s memory, cognition, coordination, and balance; all of which play a vital role in living your best life at any age.

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Nutritional Notes from Nate:
As a former chef, I believe in teaching my clients how to properly fuel their bodies using natural foods that are both delicious and glycemic friendly. If exercise was seeking a soul mate, nutrition would be the ultimate partner. These two “tenants of wellness” work harmoniously together in order to keep you fit, slim and healthy. From a dietary standpoint, the weight loss industry is overly saturated with conflicting ideas, theories, and strategies. It is true that “not all calories are created equal” in terms of the body’s physiological and hormonal response, but it is important to realize that in terms of reducing fat mass, weight loss is induced when one’s body is placed into a caloric deficit. In other words, we need to burn more calories then we ingest; AKA: eat less and move more. Diets can work, but only if the diet is sustainable and becomes the lifestyle change necessary to maximize energy and potential. Let me teach you how to change your life through healthy habits!

If you are ready to have more energy, look better, feel better, and move better…. Now is YOUR time to RejuveNate!

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