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The Professor

Grant Williams | CPT

The Professor, a certified health and wellness coach by the National Academy of Sports Medicing (NASM) has taken his own transformative journey and love for fitness, and the way it's impacted his life, and turned it into a mission to help family, friends, co-worker, and now hopefully YOU, understand how to live healthier and more fully through exercise. 


Grant's mission is to ensure, whatever your goal, your life isn't limited because you physically lack the tools to participate. Parent/Grandparents: get on the floor and play with your kiddos AND get back up with ease. Moms & dads: stop that game of catch because it’s too dark out to see, not because you’re winded. Etc.

As you would expect from a good Professor, Grant teaches you beyond just your time in the gym with him. He believes it is equally important to design a program that can be incorporated outside the gym, in a person’s work life, home life, hobbies, and that takes accessible equipment into account. Most coaches can guide a person through their gym journey, but The Professor sets up his clients to be prepared to handle the other 23 hours a day. Fitness doesn’t end in the gym, and neither does a Grant's  commitment to you, his client.

Notes from Grant:

I came into the fitness world a little later than most, having spent most of my adult years being a heavy smoker. When I finally made the decision to quit smoking, I transitioned from a heavy smoker to just plain heavy. I know what it feels like to not be the best version of yourself and now I know how much better it feels to make the choices and put in the work to improve. This makes me uniquely qualified to help those that may have strayed from the path of well-being. 


I personally love a good intense workout that leaves you lying on the gym floor in a disgusting puddle, but I’m an equal fan of more zen like experiences like yoga or isometric training. In other words, I will deliver the level of intensity that suits you and gets you motivated to meet your goals.

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