Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching

Wellness League offers several different training options for you to consider. Each option includes a full 60-minute private session with your Wellness League affiliated coach. Each session will center around the following three fitness components: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and mobility. Your personal goals will dictate the remaining focus of each session, such as more time placed on balance, stretching, core work, athletic performance etc. Depending on the option(s) you choose, you will be placed with a coach who specializes in that respective area. 

Please feel free to mix and match any of these services. At Wellness League we strive to serve you and offer the best possible path to begin or continue your fitness journey!


Beginner's Exercise: Stability and Mobility Training


Are you new to fitness? Do you have joint or muscle pain? Are you scared to exercise because you’re worried about injuring yourself? Let Doctor of Physical Therapy Amber Jones help you begin your fitness journey. She uses easy to learn exercises and rehabilitation techniques to help alleviate your joint and muscle pain. Her programs’ also work to correct muscular imbalances and optimize joint stability. For those who are new to exercise, or who haven’t exercised in years, this is the option for you! There is no better coach than Amber to get you off and running on the path to a better and more fit version of yourself. 

Medical Exercise: For those with chronic illness or those considered higher risk for medical complications


The Medical Exercise option is for those who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension,  Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, COPD, Parkinson’s etc.. After being diagnosed with a chronic condition it is very easy to lose hope. With Coaches Nate and Amber, HOPE becomes your best friend. Nate is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and Amber is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. These coaches combine multiple training strategies and techniques to help you remain safe while progressing through your exercise journey. Nate and Amber are both trained to coach and/or prescribe exercise programs for anyone with a chronic illness. We want nothing more than to help you continue writing your life story while striving to improve your quality of life, so message us today!


Functional Exercise: Training methodology utilizing exercises that work to optimize everyday movement patterns


Did you know the majority of human movement can be traced to five different moves? Did you know these five different moves serve to create the foundation of movement? When we train these movements we put ourselves in the position to optimize our daily physical performance, which is the definition of functional fitness. At Wellness League, we believe in the healing power of movement attained through functional training. 

The following are your five foundational movements: 

  1. Push movements

  2. Pull movements

  3. Single Leg movements

  4. Bend-to-lift (squatting) movements

  5. Rotational movements


By choosing the Functional Exercise option, you will learn exercises that translate to real life activities. Examples of activities benefited from functional training include, but are not limited to:


  • Standing up from a chair without fear of falling over. 

  • Getting down on the ground with ease to play with your kiddos or grand  kiddos.

  • Getting up from the ground with ease after playing with your kiddos or grand kiddos. 

  • Lifting objects from the ground without hurting your back. 

  • Running further distances with less pain.

  • Being a better hiker.

  • Picking up a child.

  • And the list goes on... 


Someone interested in this category might ask one of the following questions: Do I want to crush walking up and down stairs? Do I want to go hiking for 10 miles? Do I want to play with my kids without being so darn tired? Do I want to climb a mountain, maybe wrestle a bear? Or something as simple as do I want to stand up from a chair (toilet) without using my hands and my knees hurting?  Let Wellness League’s Functional Four show you how to move better, feel better, and ultimately live better through the healing power of functional training.


Strength and Conditioning: Old school strength training and muscle building.


Welcome to muscle beach, ICT style! Let Wellness League’s Powerful Pair show you how to get big, strong, and fit! These coaches use isolation and compound movements in clinically tested exercise programs that will make you strong! As we’re getting stronger will be simultaneously building new muscle mass (how significant the muscle mass is up to you). Those who chose this path will learn how to safely perform several of the “BIBLE” lifts, including the bench press, squat, deadlift, dip, and pullup. We use the principle of Progressive Overload to advance you at a safe, yet effective pace. Lean mass and strength will always be the outcome of this option.

athletic training: For Athletes looking to better their performance. 


Coach Tony is a former 1st time All City, All Metro, and All-State Football player from Bishop Carroll. Tony lives a very active and athletic lifestyle, and he likes to train his clients to live the same way. If you are an athlete looking to improve your overall performance, or a weekend warrior wanting to crush your competition, Coach Tony will take you to heights you never knew attainable. He will help you to become faster, stronger, more powerful, more agile, and a more well-rounded athlete. With a degree in Kinesiology from Kansas State University, Coach Tony is the optimal choice for athletes wanting to improve their game, whatever that might be!

Circuit Training: For those wanting to train using a high intensity full body workout.


Circuit training is a version of High Intensity Training that challenges individuals not only on a physical level, but a mental one as well. This option incorporates multiple movement stations systematically placed back to back depending on your goal, fitness level, and familiarity with the exercise. These exercises are performed with very little rest between stations. Of course the intensity and rest periods can and will be adjusted based off your fitness level and recovery ability, but this is not the recommended starting point for individuals new to fitness. If you have been training for several months, and want a new challenge, this is the option for you! Don’t be afraid to bring a friend!  


Hero Training: For current or soon-to-be first responders. (i.e. soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, and EMS workers)


This option is specialized to those career professionals looking to become more functionally fit in order to better serve their community. Coach Brandon is a Certified Personal Trainer, an Army Medic, and current Guard member. He knows exactly what it takes to help you reach the next level in your day to day fitness. He works hard to help each category of heroes prepare for their daily missions and or tasks. You will learn to be invulnerable to fear, doubt, and mediocrity. He specializes in preparing those for their annual or required physical fitness testing, INCLUDING THE ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST (ACFT). 

Senior Training: Training catered to adults over 65 years of age.


At Wellness League, we are honored to offer specialized training to adults over the age of 65. Our resident Gerontologist Coach Nate, and Doctor of Physical Therapy Coach Amber, specialize in training older adults in hopes of improving their quality of life and maintaining independence as long as nature allows. Independence and autonomy is important for all adults, and exercise should be the pinnacle of any and every anti-aging program. Let our specialists at Wellness League help you feel better, move better, and live better with Senior Training. These sessions will include extra time spent on balance and fall prevention techniques. 

     *Ask about in-home options!