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Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training is the gold standard program at Wellness League. Created by Coach Nate to ensure that each client feels confident and comfortable at the gym. Our goal is to make each client feel as comfortable as possible during their sessions, so they can focus solely on their workout performance. This program is great for those who are looking to maximize their fitness potential through in-depth and skilled one-on-one instruction.

If you...

  • feel intimidated by the gym

  • are anxious in large crowds

  • are nervous about exercising

  • hate the thought of navigating a public gym

then Private Personal Training is the program for you!

Each session is fun, safe and effective. You and your Wellness League Superhero will execute your customized fitness program (created by Coach Nate) in a private room, just the two of you! You’ll get EPIC results, and learn to push your physical boundaries without the stress or anxiety of a typical gym setting - no annoying lines at gym equipment; no fear of onlookers; no awkward interactions with strangers; no judgment of any kind. The gym will never feel so comfortable and non-threatening as what you'll experience at Wellness League.



This package can be purchased:

MONTHLY (2 month minimum) 

3 MONTH PACKAGE (25 sessions)

You have three months to complete 25 sessions

In addition, this package includes:

  • One free body composition and additional analysis 

  • Customized nutrition plan based off of your specific
    daily caloric needs and macronutrient recommendations

  • Coach Nate's "HOME BUT EPIC" stability/mobility/core
    workout program

6 MONTH PACKAGE (50 sessions)

You will have six months to complete your purchased 50 sessions

In addition, this package includes:

  • 3 free body compositions and separate analysis from Coach Nate 

  • Customized nutrition plan based off of your specific daily caloric needs and macronutrient recommendations

  • Coach Nate's "HOME BUT EPIC" stability/mobility/core workout program

  • Option to schedule monthly goal setting meetings with Coach Nate

Each Session is one hour in length, customized to your specific goals and needs, and includes:

  • Dynamic warmup

  • Stability and Mobility training

  • Strength training 

  • Exercise fundamentals so you can learn to navigate a gym setting

  • Cardiovascular training to improve cardiac output

  • Corrective exercises to correct muscular imbalances to prevent pain and reduce injuries

  • Balance and coordination training

  • Core strengthening

  • Nutritional instruction and support

  • Steady-state cardio cool down period

“I don’t really like people watching me when I exercise. I prefer to do it alone because my exercise time is sacred to me and I don’t like distractions. Fitness is vital to my physical and mental well being, and daily cardio is necessary to helping me regulate my blood pressure. My exercise time keeps me strong, vibrant, and helps me to maintain my positive outlook on life by lessening my general anxiety. Being a business owner and having a two year old, my exercise time is about the only chance I have to truly shut off my brain and celebrate my body’s many physical capabilities. I think of our private gym like many do their church. It’s life changing, and can be that for anyone. I created Private Fitness to allow others the opportunity to experience the glory of fitness, without the fear of the typical gym setting.” 

~ Coach Nate

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