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The Destroyer

Anthony Arellano | CPT

Anthony is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and firmly believes everyone should have the ability to have significant control over their personal health, providing sense of well-being and empowerment that can impact every aspect of our lives. The Destroyer's overall philosophy to physical fitness is to keep things simple and strive to help you develop a healthy lifestyle that is built around your own goals; to help you destroy the obstacles or whatever has been holding you back, and help you achieve results that will truly matter to YOU.

Experiencing results that truly impact your personal, daily life, is what Anthony finds to be the most important part of creating a personalized fitness program for you. 


Notes from Anthony:

Unlike many other activities, hobbies, or other endeavors we take on in life, starting a fitness program does not require a special skill. You do not need years of practice in exercising to feel better and see tangible results that will improve your overall life. All it really takes is consistency, time, and effort. All this, along with the knowledge you will gain with each session, will support the sustainability of your new lifestyle. So come see me at Wellness League and we can talk about how to improve the most important aspect of life - your overall health!

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