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in final development | check back again soon to start your hero's journey

The dictionary defines a hero as:
"A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities"


Please note it says a person - heroes are just people. People doing something admirable or who exhibit admirable qualities. A hero's journey takes a person (you) on an adventure to achieve that admirable outcome.

Choosing to go on a hero's journey is, in and of itself, admirable. You are committing to improve yourself - to get in better shape so you can keep up with your children; to look better in the mirror; as an avenue to manage day-to-day anxiety; or whatever your goal/motive - and that already makes you a hero in our book. Let us help you become a hero in your own eyes now, too!


Your journey follows the footsteps of all great hero journeys ahead of you with 3 distinct phases: Departure, Initiation, and Return. You'll spend approximately 6 weeks in each of the phases, fighting new enemies each day/week. By the end of your first Hero's Journey, you be a well-rounded Superhero Apprentice, and will have the option to continue your journey following the track taken by many great superheroes ahead of you:

The Strength Track: focusing on building strength and endurance

The Speed Track: focusing on agility, speed, and conditioning

The Super Track: focusing on doubling down on all the basic characteristics needed for fighting crime (i.e. living your strongest, best life)


By the end of your second hero's journey, you'll have reached the Superhero in Training level and be ready to face your final challenges by going on one last journey, culminating in Superhero Status. In one year's time, you can take your rightful place among the League of Superheroes on the Wellness League Wall of Fame. 



Each journey is approximately 4 months in length. Your progress will be assessed after each phase within your journey. Small incentives will be awarded at the completion of a journey and the invitation to continue on to your preferred track will be extended at the appropriate time in your journey. Here's what you can expect in each hero's journey:

  • Wellness League Gym Membership

  • Hero Inception Consultation

  • Hero's Journey Book, containing step-by-step details and programming for each phase of your journey

  • Assessments, including guided goal setting, following each phase

  • Weekly "mystery monsters" to fight in the gym

  • Additional guidance may be provided by our coaches on your gym days, as time allows

  • Journey Completion Incentive

  • Opportunity to continue journey to achieve Super Hero Status

You too can be a super hero...we can help!

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