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Semi private training

Semi-Private Personal Training is the next best option after Private Personal Training. For this program, many of the staples that make Private Personal Training so popular remain: you are still working with your Wellness League Superhero to execute your customized fitness program (created by Coach Nate), and still pushing your boundaries to reach your maximum physical potential. However, instead of one-on-one training, you will be training simultaneously with one or two other people. This is a great opportunity for you to meet other like-minded adults who are working hard to better themselves. Be prepared to make long- lasting friendships (mini Wellness Leagues) and possibly even develop small support groups with other Semi-Private Wellness League community members. This program is highly recommended for couples or family members who are interested in training and gaining together.

Each Session is one hour in length, customized to your specific goals and needs, and includes:

  • Dynamic warmup

  • Stability and Mobility training

  • Strength training and exercise fundamentals so you can learn to navigate a gym setting

  • Cardiovascular training to improve cardiac output

  • Corrective exercises to prevent pain and reduce injuries

  • Balance and coordination training

  • Core strengthening

  • Steady-state cardio cool down period

Semi-private training is great for those looking for high-level, fully

customized fitness training and who aren’t intimidated by working

out with others. 

Available for purchase in a monthly package only!

*$5 discount per person per session if booked as a small group of 3 or more friends/family members
(i.e. you bring your workout partners and get a discount)

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