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age young

We are working to finalize all documentation and resources needed for you to begin your at home age young program.....check back soon

Our body's crave movement. We want to move, NEED TO MOVE, it's in our DNA. And if we don't, well, let's just say that our body's operate on the fundamental principle of "use it or lose it." The more active we are, the better our body's will feel. The more we are inactive and sit (which by the way is the new smoking), the more our body's will rebel like a teenager (minus their youthful vigor *sigh*). But there's hope - it's age young!

Answer the following honestly:
Are you new to exercise? 
Are you very deconditioned?
Are you intimidated by gyms?
Are you worried about injury?
Do you have a health issue that prevents you
     from doing higher intensity fitness programs?
Would you prefer not to leave your house?
Do you dislike working out in front of others?


If you answered yes to most of these questions, then AGE young is the program for you. Coach Nate created this at-home workout program to be your starting point in your fitness journey. Regardless of your age, this is the pinnacle of beginners' level fitness. There are so many online programs for "beginners," but most of them are  nowhere near beginner level. (You know what we're talking've seen them. Here's a tip - if any coach says a burpee is beginner level fitness.... RUN AWAY!!!!!!) These coaches have no idea what it means to be a beginner.


As a gerontologist, Coach Nate has worked with hundreds of people who are either doing exercise for the first time, are scared to exercise, or have very little experience with exercise (though they want to be fit). As a medical exercise specialist, Nate has also worked with many people who have major health issues and need exercise to improve their quality of life, but also need to be careful with their intensity level.

This program is designed for the at-home, true beginner to do 3-to-5 days per week. Each session will take between 20 and 30 minutes. After a few weeks, if you're consistent, you will notice that you're getting stronger, more mobile, and feeling better overall! This program will not turn you into a bodybuilder, get you shredded, get you ready for a marathon, or turn you into a ninja! But it will change your life by helping you to develop a baseline level of fitness so that you can begin to have specific fitness goals. Age Young is a well-rounded program, focusing on strength, cardio endurance, balance, mobility, and positivity! 

As you begin your AGE YOUNG program, you will receive:

  • Your choice of either the Age Young E-book or a Hard Copy, containing a step-by-step breakdown of all the exercises you'll encounter along your journey.

  • Access to our private Age Young webpage with exercise demonstration/instruction videos and sample workouts 

  • B-weekly check-ins with Nate

  • Links to purchase recommended equipment 

  • A Wellness League t-shirt

Spend time during your day the right way, with the aging whisperer and bringer of joy - Coach Nate! He will guide you through the workouts and leave you smiling, inspired, and ready to conquer the world! Don't be afraid to be great and AGE YOUNG!

Age is just a number, it's not a condition. Over the years, I've worked with people in their 60's and 70's with such high fitness ability they would make some 30 year old's jealous. On the flipside, I've worked with people in their 40's who can barely move and have many health issues. The point is, people who want to feel young, look young, act young, and age young are generally very active. Not that they hit the gym seven days per week, but they move daily and often. I want everyone to feel that they can regain, or at minimum retain, their health and function at any age. That's why I created age young!

~ Coach Nate ~

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