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“I have been searching for a personal trainer. It is been difficult to find someone to customize a program for improvement in my strength and endurance accommodating for physical issues. Nate has developed a great program for me. He gives encouragement and adjusts the pace of each session secondary to my response to the activity. I think I finally found my personal trainer.” 

—  Susan Picotte

About Us

When you see the fists, greatness exists

What is Wellness League? A diverse team of highly specialized fitness professionals dedicated to helping adults realize their health and wellness goals. All things in life require movement patterns, but once these patterns are compromised through age related senescence or a  sedentary lifestyle, one's quality of life begins to suffer. It is our job to help correct any muscular imbalances and provide a safe environment to regain your confidence and strength through movement training. Each of our coaches are focused on building life long relationships and act as your guide throughout your fitness journey. We use a one-on-one, personal approach that is customized to match your current and ever-changing level of fitness. To aid in your success, all clients have the option to train with their coach in a private studio to maximize their comfort and optimize their experience. Our style provides hope where it's been lost, and gives adults their best chance to stay functional throughout the aging process. At Wellness League we build champions. At Wellness League, you can become a real life superhero!  

The question becomes, how important is your health, and are you willing to invest in yourself? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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